Breed Identification (And baby pictures!)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ladyshayla, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Mar 13, 2012
    Hey guys, new chick owner here. I got my first 6 chicks 17 days ago from TSC. In the bin, they were just labeled "Red Pullets," so they could be any of 4 breeds. The only one I can remember from the list is the Road Island Reds. :\
    Breed really doesn't matter to me, I'll love them either way. I'm just so curious to know which breeds I got! At about what age would I be able to tell the breeds apart? Only four of them are reds, the other two are Buff Orpingtons.
    I can get better pictures tomorrow when I take them out to the coop for some sunshine, sorry for the bad quality. The light from the brooder made their colors look funny!

    Rose: I'm pretty sure she is going to be head honcho in the coop. She has the most feathering, and has quite an attitude!



    And little Prim, who is quite shy. You can also see that she's pretty behind her sisters.

    Also, one of our little Buffs, Goose. He adores attention, and always wants to be help. He was straight run, I suppose he could actually be a she, but we're almost sure he's a he, because his comb is so much larger than the ladies'. I know that's not reliable, but I love calling him my sweet little boy!
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    It is really hard to guess the breeds with the lighting. If you can get some pictures with better lighting then people on here my be able to assist.

    That comb on the last one does look suspicious.... If it were mine I probably would be calling it a he for now too.

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