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11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
My mother got me some gift certificates to Ideal and I want to place my order today. The problem is, I can't decide between different breeds. I know I want the following:
2 Barred Cochin pullets
2 Blue Cochin pullets
2 Red Cochin pullets
2 Speckled Sussex pullets
2 EE pullets
I may add 2 more pullets to the order, but I can't decide between the following breeds:
White Leghorn
Blue Andalusian
Golden Campine
Golden Lakenvelder
I used to have a Silver Lakenvelder, and she was very flighty but a great layer. I have absolutely no experience with those other breeds. So, I thought I would ask you awesome BYC folks your opinions on them. If you have any of those breeds, how are their personalities? How are they as layers? Do they ever go broody? Obviously with having Cochins, broodiness is not a characteristic I'm looking for. I literally spent hours last night looking through the Ideal website, and I just can't decide. Can y'all help a fellow chicken addict out? Thanks in advance ;)
Did you already place your order?

You mentioned Golden Campines. I got my first ones last spring, and while they're a little bird, the egg is big for the size of the chicken that produces it. I guess it's probably a medium. I haven't weighed any of them. Since the Campines are so small, they eat less, which could be considered good. They lay a lot better than I expected. From two hens, I get either 1 or 2 every day, I supposed it will slow down when they molt next fall. They are a little bit flightly and skittish, but they're so pretty and lay so well that I forgive them for it. Lakenvelders are awfully pretty, too, but I've never had any of those.

So ... what did you end up ordering?

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