breed please

cindy parker

5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Sylvania Georgia
Hi...we bought these the day before Easter to save them from being bought as Easter presents. The people selling them had no idea what kind of birds they were and neither do I. They are small, and the pink one has hairy legs:) It also has a furry head that looks like it has on a wig:)
There isn't much change from the pics taken Saturday, but they are beginning to grow. These chics were so stressed out when I got them. Kids grabbing at them and it was so cold in the brooder!
I asked when I bought them what kind they were...the old guy who owns the feed store said "mutts" I left it at that and took the chicks before they froze in that cold brooder with kids grabbing at them:) I have never had chickens, so it really doesn't matter anyways. I'm just learning there are SO many different breeds. I though a chicken was a chicken until recently:)
The feather legged one is a White Cochin. The other one could be a White Plymouth Rock or a Leghorn or several other breeds that come in white. ha I'm glad you rescued them.

I hope you enjoy them. Be warned, you may succumb to the chicken addiction. Soon you'll have 20! lol

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