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    Feb 15, 2009
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    Hello everyone! I've been working on a website for quite some time now. It's aimed for juniors and newbs. I'd like to eventually have a page for each breed of poultry, but at the rate I'm writing the pages there's no way I'll have it finished any time soon. If anybody would like to help, I'd really appreciate it if you'd write a profile for a breed or two. It can be recognized or not recognized. Please see this page for the template and requirements

    Please fill as much information out as possible (except the part where it say "My Moderns"); I can fill in the blanks if necessary. Also, please provide at least two pictures (1 male and 1 female) of show quality birds (must be your own, don't want to conflict with copyright issues). The reason I'd prefer show quality birds is so the kids will know what the breed is supposed to look like.

    I'll list your name, email and website on the page if you'd like and I'll also link you in my breeder's directory (if you have birds...)

    Thanks to anyone who helps! [​IMG]

    So far I have:

    Modern Game
    Old English Game
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    I like your site and I am sure others will help you out. I am still building my flock so I may be able to help in the future.

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