Breed?? Weird looking chick.

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  1. It stands kinda tall. has weird feeling down. and has a flat comb..i cant tell if its rose or some other type of comb. Green food coloring is from me. its to mark my chicks because i have other peoples in with mine. Eggs were given to me. I hatched them and got 5 that look like this. I cant get a good pic of him standing. he has real small eyes.
    Are they just some kinda mutt?? They both came from brown eggs


    I got a Chipmunk colored one also with the same looks.. But it has really round eyes


  2. chickenmaniac

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    Mar 12, 2012
    the chipmink looking chick might be a brown leghorn
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    Not everything is a brown leghorn, chickenmaniac. I know you have to have 10 posts to post your pictures, but it doesn't help to contribute to every post that the poster has a brown leghorn and cause confusion. Brown leghorns are a duckwing pattern, which occurs in many breeds. There are lots more indicators to breed than just color, as well - comb type, leg color, and body size/build.

    OP, do you know anything at all about the parentage? Hard to guess without anything to go on.
  4. the person that gave me the eggs has many breeds but he said these eggs came from a separate flock on his property. he said these could be Thai Game-fowl, Old English game, buttercups, California Grey's, black astrolorps, or a mutt. i know there not California Grey's or black astrolorps because colors wrong. But they could be a mix of either of these. He said the Thai game-fowl stayed to themselves but the others all run together. There all free range. I asked him this morning what the possibilitys were.
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    Looks like either Thai, Old English, or Buttercup.

    Check the comb on both of them, they're really small but still visible and you can still tell the difference between a pea or blob and a buttercup, which will just appear slightly dented in the middle with tiny little toothy marks around the sides.

    When the chicks stand up normally, are any of them more leggy or upright or skinny looking than the other?

  6. The white one on the top stands weird and is really skinny and long looking.

    the second stands almost like him but not as upright and isnt as skinny

    ill try to get pics of there combs.

    And ill feel them to see if i feel a differnce.

    Thank u!
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  7. Illia

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    It's probably Thai on top, Old English Game on bottom. Any of them have a single straight line of a sawtooth textured comb? That would be the Old English.
  8. ok thank u :D

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