Breeder/hatchery near San Antonio, TX


6 Years
Mar 29, 2013
I want to buy some Ameraucanas (and a friend wants Silkies or Top Hats) and we need a breeder or hatchery that is close to San Antonio. We want to pick up the chicks, no eggs, rather than shipping. Does anyone know of one that has these breeds? Thanks.
I had tried to find a breeder/hatchery close to San Antonio and also someplace to umm PROCESS any rooster I may inadvertantly acquire and had no luck.. if you find someone, please let me know.
I would go right to Moore's Feed Store. 3721 S Flores St. They get in weekly shipments of at least one standard breed - usually ameraucana (easter egger), RIR, or barred rock -- and one fancy breed, usually polish or silkies. They also usually have some ducks and maybe a goose or two on hand.

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