Breeding and Inbreeding


7 Years
Jun 9, 2012
I hatched out 9 chicks from my hens and rooster sadly 6 hens and that rooster got taken by predators during our move so I now have 3 of the original hens (well 2 really as one has cancer and is just a pet at this point) and I have their 9 babies well ofcourse I hatched 6 cockriels and 3 pullets. 1 of these cockriels is sooooo beautiful never seen colors like his. so I want to keep him but I also want to hatch my own chicks every spring. can he breed with his siblings mother /aunts etc. I know on the ranch growing up we had one rooster but dad always got new chicks from feed store in spring.
He can breed with mother, aunts are unrelated unless they're truly full or half sisters of the mother.
The main thing to stay away from is breeding full brother to full sister (both parents the same). Do you have any idea which hen each egg/chick came from?
Unfortunetly I do not, It was my first time hatching eggs so it was a learning experience I now know to mark and log eggs etc. odds are out of 9 hens they are not from the same mother. Hopefully it will be ok and I wont have egg viability or chick health issues. Thank you for your response,

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