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    I haven't canned any of our homegrown chicken but I plan to. I canned some store bought thighs as a trial - they turned out great for making fast meals. I used the raw pack method and got 4 thighs into a quart jar, which is about a pound of meat. Love the idea of not needing electricity to store the meat, and being able to open the jar up and have the meat already cooked is so nice when you're in a hurry.

    That sucks. Texas will allow raw milk sales only directly from the farm, so the farms set up stores on their property. But the permit process is crazy and they require that you submit all your blueprints and plans for the milking parlor to be approved BEFORE you begin to build, and then once you build it, you resubmit everything to get the permits to sell. This year they have submitted a bill to allow raw milk sales at farmer's markets and directly to the customer's home, but there is always a lot of opposition to it every time it comes up.
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    I do not know what the laws are here. I speak as if I know, but thinking about it, I do not know. I do know that I would like to have a regular supply of fresh raw milk. I even thought about getting a couple goats, but I do not think that I am up for the commitment now.

    I think we will have to try canning poultry meat. I like the idea of not needing the electricity to store the meat to. My first concern would be safety. I guess that I could be the guinea pig, LOL. Seriously though, I have seen Bee mention it a few times. I think we could make good use of this method.
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    I have canned chicken, both stock and now meat. I like it - leaves more room in the freezer and no worries about power outages from storms, and whatnot. Hubby likes how tender the meat comes out, especially on these ornrey cockerels. I just follow the directions in my pressure canner manual. Check all the seals the next day, in case any chicken fat gets up around the rim. I had two out of ten the last time not seal.

    I sent a pint of stock and carcass meat up to hubby's grandma the other week, and she called me last week to thank me for it. Not only does she think we raise the tastiest chicken, but she was able to stretch that pint into four evenings' worth of meals by adding rice and vegetables to it for soup.

    One of the big things to remember with pressure canning is to let it come down to room temperature on its own. When I first got the canner, I got impatient and blew out a quart jar of ground beef ... quite the mess inside.
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    In Tennessee it's illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption. It is not illegal to drink raw milk. So, they sell it as pet milk and you can use it for whatever you want with the realization that there are no government imposed safety measures placed on its production. We drink it and make kefir with it and we do give the dogs and sometimes the chickens kefir. The chickens sometimes get whey from making yogurt too. The people who sell it for 6-9 dollars a gallon don't really think you feed it to your pets.
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    That may be more trouble than what it's worth. Are you sure you'll have fighting issues?
    When we raise cockerels for meat they all get raised in the same group. I had a group of more than 100 last year. They were hatched in Jan and Feb, separated by sex in May and all cockerels combined (even those who had not previously been together). The trick is to raise them away from all the girls. I had more than 100 cockerels together until we got around to butchering in Oct and had zero fighting. Just keep them where they can't see the girls and you should have no posturing issues.
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    Do they allow herd shares in your state? I milk sheep and we sell herd shares... easy way of don't it if allowed in your state. Btw, once you try sheep's milk you'll never drink goats milk again. ;-)
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    In Wisconsin you have to purchase at least part of the animal to legally have the raw milk.
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    I don't yet have the room to keep the cockerels where they cannot see the pullets or hens. I would need to clear out the back acre and half (out of 2.55 acres total), then get another electric netting perimeter. I am learning to caponize anyway - neither hubby nor I have had capon since childhood.

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