Breeding pens - What design did you use?

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    I was wondering, for those of you who breed/show, what kind of pens/coops do you use to keep seperate breeding pens? I want to design some housing for breeding program for standard size chickens in which I can keep seperate groups by breed, variety, etc. What have you found to work the best?
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    I haven't built any yet, but I came across this one on a BYC thread a couple of months ago and saved the pictures because I liked the design so well. I wish I would have bookmarked the thread so I could give credit to the Original poster---and maybe so I could pick their brain a little when I start my building projects this spring. [​IMG]


    Above: overview of pen.

    Below: Note how the coop portion slides out of the run. Coop lid is hinged for easy access.


    I love this design. I think I'm going to add a sliding tray to the bottom of the coop for easier clean up and an apron of hardware cloth to deter predators.
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    Quote:I like yours, but I would add a door! I have several chicken tractors built along the same general principle -- they are basically rabbit cages with no bottom wire, only about eighteen inches high (and I haven't had any trouble with them being too short for the hens that have been in them -- a little short for a large rooster, though). Mine are approximately three feet wide by six feet long. I need to go to larger pens, and think I will use your idea, although with our snowy winters I may arch the tops rather than building boxes, so I can put tarps over and support them so they don't collapse from the snow load. I have had some trouble with snow and the chicken tractors. Also had a goat get loose and walk on top of them, as I'd removed the snow from them and he didn't want to walk in the snow so he walked on my chicken tractors instead!

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    One thing that truly has baffled me since I joined BYC's, is that breeders rarely show their pens, coops, runs, and I would imagine in the case of breeder who stock the hatchery's, barns.

    No one talks about flocks, trios, etc.

    Trade secrets I guess.

    I DO thank those who do post though [​IMG]
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    Quote:I would really like to see you pens but for some reason the link won't work [​IMG]
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    Quote:I would really like to see you pens but for some reason the link won't work [​IMG]

    oops never mind, it started to work now.
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    you are right. That is cheap. Makes me feel so much better about my two pens.

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    I have my silkie bantams on wide industrial garage shelves that I have converted into pens. Each shelf is a different breeding trio. The nice thing is that when I take the fronts off, I use a scraper to push all the shavings and poop into the wheelbarrow I position underneath- making it a snap to clean.
    I keep the breeders in my shop,
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    Quote:I would like to see pictures of that.

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