Breeding sex-linked with Dominique?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by texas hiker, Dec 13, 2012.

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    My wife and I have some barred rocks, rhode island reds and australorps - all hens, no roosters.

    Last night we were talking about getting some Dominiques, mainly because the Dominiques are supposed to go broody more then the sex-linked breeds.

    What happens when a Dominique rooster breeds with a sex-linked breed? If a rhode island red or barred rock go broody with the Dominique rooster, what kind of traits might we expect?

    My wife and I focus more on eggs then we do on butchering.

    In the long run, we would like to develop a self-sustaining flock. Lets say less then 30 birds total.
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    A Dom roo will have all barred offspring, to some degree or another.
    You won't be able to sex chicks by color.
    The pullets should be just as good layers as the parent stock.
    Same for temperment.
    Combs will be funky mixed combs from rose mixed with straight.

    My solution to the broody issue has been to keep a small flock of bantam cochin hens. They go broody regularly and are actually decent layers when they're not brooding. They're small and don't eat tons, so they don't cost much to keep. I use them to brood my big girl eggs cause most of my birds are hatchery stock and don't go broody. But, you can't beat the egg laying abilities of hatchery birds, and like you, that's my focus.

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