Breeding trio Phoenix Duck Wing Bantams Breeding Trio American Lavender Orpintons French Black Coppe


5 Years
Jan 21, 2015
Kingman AZ
Hi I have French Black Copper chicks, Phoenix duck wing chicks they are 10.00 to 15 depending on age I also have a Breeding Trio of Phoenix Duck Wing Bantams for 85 pick up only kingman AZ area and a Breeding Trio of American Lavender Orpingtons 75
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I don't show birds so I don't know the standards for them you are welcome to come see them. I sold the D'Anver hen but still have some Breeding trios of American Lavender Orpingtons, breeding trios of Phoenix Duck Wing Bantams and several babies for the Black Copper Marans and phoenix. you can view some photos of my birds at

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