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    Aug 23, 2016
    Crele Cochin Bantam- Kevin

    Buff Brahma Bantam- Betsy, Lucy,& Elvis

    Black Austrolorp- Becea

    Black Star- Saphire& Coal

    New Hampshire Red- Sunny& Sunshine

    Barred Rock- Buster

    Delaware- Danny

    Silver Laced Wyandotte- Dot & Morrisan

    Cuckoo Maran- Katherine, Dotsy, Dotso, & Spot

    Pearl White Leghorn- Pearl

    Partridge Cochin Bantam- Coral & Carol

    Silver Spangled Hamburg- Silvia

    Blue Andalusian- Alice

    Turken- Moe

    Ameraucana- Patricia

    Silver Gray Dorking- Fred

    Buff Orpingtons- all 5 are unnamed and are being sold.

    If you have any questions or have these breeds just tell me!

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