Bresse Chickens

Dave C

Apr 7, 2015
Teesdale, Co Durham, UK
I really appreciate everything yall have posted here ive learned alot about the eggs i just set
a dozen and two extras from a reputiable BYCer near me
its only my second hatch. i have a very reliable brand of incubator, whos hatchd 87.5% for me and i so i just hope that this hatch will go as well as my first! I want to focus on this breed as my chicken project, and i really appreciate everything yall have offered for me to work over in my mind.

Good luck with your hatch

Great thread everyone, ive been reading it for a while, really enjoying it

Got a small flock here in the UK.



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Sep 23, 2014
Amherst Township, Ohio

I weighed the Bresse on Saturday, which is the halfway point of their "finish" period.

Also, in an earlier post, I said they were all around 4 pounds, but shortly after making that statement, I took a much more accurate scale and weighed each one individually. Then they were tagged.

ID# Weight 9/27 Weight 10/11 Gain
392 2lbs. 10 oz. 3lbs. 8 oz. 14 oz.
391 3lbs. 14 oz. 4lbs. 14 oz. 16 oz.
389 3lbs. 12 oz. 4lbs. 11 oz. 15 oz.
400 4lbs. 1 oz. 5lbs. 1 oz. 16 oz.
377 3lbs. 14 oz. 4lbs. 10 oz. 12 oz.
376 3lbs. 14 oz. 4lbs. 12 oz. 14 oz.

Total food consumed: 3 lbs per day x 14 days = 42lbs.
Milk consumed: 3.5 gallons

Total Weight Gain: 4.812 pounds
11.5% feed conversion rate.

Cost of Feed:
  • Crumble: $4.48
  • Grains: $8.40
  • Milk: $10.50

Total: $23.38 or $3.90 per bird.

I've made a few adjustments along the way. They are consuming all of three pounds of feed and a quart of milk per day for the six of them. It was a little up and down at first.

The plan for the moment is to increase their milk and possibly make cracked corn available for scratch instead of the grain mixture. I'm going to check some labels for fat content and make that decision. The scratch they are currently getting is 9% fat. I'm not sure what the cracked corn is. I'm hoping to increase their carbohydrates somehow in the hope they bulk up a little. This may be anatomically and genetically impossible, but I'll try it.

In two weeks I'll weigh them again. They are supposed to be processed then. I may wait an additional week or two after that depending on what their weight gain is. In two weeks they will be 16 weeks old.

They are very healthy and seem to like the changing weather here in Northern Ohio. They do not mind being handled and they are ALL crowing.

I'll post more information as I gather it.
Here's hoping that all my math is right!

Remember this is an experiment. I've never done this before, so it's all trial and error. I'm hoping the information posted here is helpful in some way. Suggestions are always welcome.

Be good to yourselves.

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Sep 23, 2014
Amherst Township, Ohio

I did some checking. I'm going to stick with the scratch grains I've been using.

In Comparison
  • Cracked Corn: Protein 8%, Fat 3.5%, Fiber 3%
  • My Grain Mixture: Protein 10%, Fat 9%, Fiber 13%

The grain mixture I'm feeding them has much more fat (carbohydrates) than cracked corn and should, along with the milk, provide them all the carbs they can process. I did not realize the fiber content was so high. But I think that's a good thing and helps them digest the milk and offset any symptoms of lactose intolerance they may experience. I would think the fiber would help their systems process the lactic acid more easily. It explains why their poo has been normal.

The grain mixture I'm using is:
  • cracked corn
  • wheat
  • milo
  • oats
  • black sunflower (for oils)
  • safflower
  • raisins
  • pumpkin seeds.

Every day, they get two pounds of this mixture, one pound of a high protein (24%) crumble and 32 ounces of whole milk. I give them some of the grain mixture later in the day for scratch so they don't get bored.

I'm going to give them 8 ounces more milk every day for the next two weeks and see if that changes their weight gain

That's all I know for today. I hope the information is useful.

Be good.


Double Kindness

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Jul 25, 2014
I have the double caponizing chinese kit that is offered in the thread @ronott1 listed and tried my hand at caponizing last fall. It is not easy to do. We practiced on 10 roisters, none died on the table or from the procedure. 2 were slips, none were successful. It's definitely an art.

I had a poor hatch from my bresse this year. I believe mine are f5. I need to add new blood as the inbreeding is an issue. I do have 1 bresse pullet that is now a hen that loves to go broody and is a pretty good broody mama.

An old timer told me how he fattens up his meat birds is feed them heavily salted boiled potatoes and a lot of water. It makes them fatter faster. This might not be what you want to do with the bresse though.

I also crossed my bresse with an ayam cemani rooster. She's a heavy girl with weird coloring , she's the one on the stump. Her mom is next to her.


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Sep 23, 2014
Amherst Township, Ohio
I broke down and weighed the Bad Boys on Sunday.

ID# Weight 9/27 Weight 10/11 Weight10/18 Gain
392 2lbs. 10 oz. 3lbs. 8 oz. 3lbs. 14 oz. 6oz
391 3lbs. 14 oz. 4lbs. 14 oz. 5lbs. 4 oz. 6 oz.
389 3lbs. 12 oz. 4lbs. 11 oz. 5lbs. 0 oz. 5 oz.
400 4lbs. 1 oz. 5lbs. 1 oz. 5lbs. 6 oz. 5 oz.
377 3lbs. 14 oz. 4lbs. 10 oz. 5lbs. 0 oz. 6 oz.
376 3lbs. 14 oz. 4lbs. 12 oz. 5lbs. 0 oz. 4 oz.

This is only one week gain.

They get an additional 8 ounces of milk in a bowl every day.
Anxious about next week to see what they come out to be.

I think I'll give them two more weeks, but will make that decision on Sunday.

Take Care,



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May 28, 2015
South LA
The Bad Boys were killed last night by a mink or weasel. I'm going to try again in the Spring. Will let you know how it goes.


I am so sorry for your loss! Ive been following you and looking forward to the end product with you and boy i am so so sorry!

I hope in spring things will go better for you!

How about some good news?!

My 14 bresse eggs are on day 14 today... I will be able to give u adorable chick pics soon!


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Jan 25, 2013
Can anyone tell me what Bresse crossed with blue copper Marans chicks look like?
I think I got a couple. Some popped up with copper spots on the head, but are colored blue or black.
I thought I took the boys out of their Marans "mom"'s pen before hatching
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