Bringing a hen into the house, in a pinch?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Tina D, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    Today, it'll be in the mid 90's with a heat index of 105. And humid to boot... Last week, we had some hot weather and my big BO hen, Buttercup, had a very rough time with it. She is older (5 years old) and has arthritis. At the time, I made her a little "ice nest" to cool her off, and it worked wonders. Today and tomorrow, it'll be even hotter than last week. I am so afraid that she won't be able to withstand it! [​IMG]

    It's early still, and not brutally hot yet. But, I'm thinking ahead. If I need to bring her into the house later on, what can I do to make it more manageable in a pinch?? I am a new chicken owner, so I don't have an extra coop or anything for her to stay in. I was thinking of a huge Rubbermaid bin, which I have. She can't get around very well anyway, with the arthritis, so I don't think it would bother her much. I could put wood chips in the bottom for her. I have no diapers, but I could hold her on my lap with a towel. Then, in the evening when it isn't as bad out, I'd put her back outside.

    Also, I have Lillie, a bantam cochin/polish girl (9 months or so), who handled the heat much better last week. However, I'm thinking that if I bring Buttercup inside, Lillie will be lonely. I'd rather not bring Lillie inside, because she is much more active and will be a bigger challenge. How do you think that would work out??

    Eeek, this is nervewracking! LOL
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    I put mine in the bathtub when I need to... have an injured one that has been in there for about 5 days.

    Edited: I reread your post... I also brought in her "friend" for day visits so she wouldn't be lonely... worked out great.
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    If I was going to, I think I would buy a scrap of linoleum at the hardware store, and put it down, and put a baby play pen on it, and just put down shredded paper bedding, or something else that would not fly everywhere if she flapped her wings. Good for you for helping your birds stay comfortable. Small price to pay, compared to just letting them die of heat stroke if they are left out. If you have to keep them outside, I have found a little wading pool made out of the taller top to a plastic tote helps them keep cool too. You can put ice in it in the morning, and it melts and stays cooler during the day than tap water.

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