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May 31, 2019
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I recently purchased a Nuture Right 360 and while I'm happy with it, I'm looking for another incubator. I've been unable to find another NR360, so I started looking at Incuview. I planned on ordering that and found that Incubator Warehouse accepted Amazon Pay, so I took the $300 in cash I had saved for an incubator, and put it on my Amazon account. Well, I went to pay and found out that they accept your Credit or Debit Card through Amazon, not anything like "Amazon Cash" which is like a gift card, I'm assuming. Amazon does sell Incuview Incubators through Incubator Warehouse, but the price is higher, without free shipping, and the incubator/candler "bundle" isn't available. (The candler isn't a necessity but I figured it'd be nice to have, especially since it was only a few bucks more through IW) It's looking to be at least $40 more. With that, I decided to look at the Brinsea models since they're raved about and Amazon sells them. My problem is having multiple choices. I thought about getting the Maxi II Advance, but now I'm wondering if the Maxi II EX is worth the $170 more? Or is the Manual for 24 eggs the best value?

Thank you for any input you can share. I need to order another incubator asap. I have more room in my NR360, but I'd really rather have another incubator for eggs that will be due to hatch later than the eggs in the NR360.

Also, I am happy to put more $ towards an incubator, ~if it's worth it~, but if I can get one that more reasonably priced, that'd be great, especially since I can order right away, as I'll be receiving more eggs in the next few days.


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I have used both a borrowed Brinsea Mini and a purchased Brinsea Octagon Advance. I bought the Advance because the humidity control of the EX was not worth the money to me. I would prefer to check on things each day so topping up the water a few times during a hatch is not a big deal.


Nov 7, 2019
Titusville, FL
The Advance is definitely the way to go if you don't mind manually adding the water. But the Advance does not have a built-in hygrometer, so if you want to verify the humidity you would need a separate hygrometer. Let us know if you have any more questions!

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