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May 31, 2019
Moore County, NC
I recently purchased a Nuture Right 360 and while I'm happy with it, I'm looking for another incubator. I've been unable to find another NR360, so I started looking at Incuview. I planned on ordering that and found that Incubator Warehouse accepted Amazon Pay, so I took the $300 in cash I had saved for an incubator, and put it on my Amazon account. Well, I went to pay and found out that they accept your Credit or Debit Card through Amazon, not anything like "Amazon Cash" which is like a gift card, I'm assuming. Amazon does sell Incuview Incubators through Incubator Warehouse, but the price is higher, without free shipping, and the incubator/candler "bundle" isn't available. (The candler isn't a necessity but I figured it'd be nice to have, especially since it was only a few bucks more through IW) It's looking to be at least $40 more. With that, I decided to look at the Brinsea models since they're raved about and Amazon sells them. My problem is having multiple choices. I thought about getting the Maxi II Advance, but now I'm wondering if the Maxi II EX is worth the $170 more? Or is the Manual for 24 eggs the best value?

Thank you for any input you can share. I need to order another incubator asap. I have more room in my NR360, but I'd really rather have another incubator for eggs that will be due to hatch later than the eggs in the NR360.

Also, I am happy to put more $ towards an incubator, ~if it's worth it~, but if I can get one that more reasonably priced, that'd be great, especially since I can order right away, as I'll be receiving more eggs in the next few days.
The Advance is definitely the way to go if you don't mind manually adding the water. But the Advance does not have a built-in hygrometer, so if you want to verify the humidity you would need a separate hygrometer. Let us know if you have any more questions!
Another vote for the Brinsea Advanced. It is so easy to correct humidity in their smaller incubators. I’ve read a few failures regarding their EX models and don’t see any advantage to them.
ETA- just saw this is an old thread. Topic is still relevant.

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