Brinsea Mini.. Advice please!

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  1. TinyTotsSeramas

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    Jun 21, 2011
    So 3 weeks ago DH and I moved and in the process of that move, We had to move the incubator as well... In the process of moving, We ended up puncturing the bottom of the incubator somewhere... We cant find it though.. We had to put a plastic bag on the bottom of the incubator to finish out the last week of the incubation on 6 home laid Serama eggs... during lockdown I had 4 die off and the last 2 weren't making any progress so I assisted them out.. Every egg was shrink wrapped even though the entire bottom of the incubator was filled with warm water... the only surviving chick, Delilah, ended up being blind and eventually died a few days later and her sibling died a few seconds after being helped out... DH has agreed to get me a new incubator so I dont have to go through the hurt of losing another "Delilah" (I was devastated when Delilah passed away) and HE even looked up incubators and found the Brinsea mini... So I was wondering if anyone could tell me the good and the bad about this incubator it would help alot!! I know a few people who have Brinseas and LOVE them but Im going back and forth between the Brinsea and another Hovabator... Even though Its what I have now and im a little scared to get go through the same thing again, it would be nice to have the egg capacity the Hovabator gives..

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    I love my brinsea mini advance. It's very easy to use- I call it my crockpot.

    Two disadvantages: 1- you can only put 7 eggs in at a time and 2- you can't add more water without completely taking off the lid. However, it maintains humidity well enough that it's not a significant issue.

    Oh, I thought of a third issue- you don't know exactly what the humidity is without buying a separate hygrometer. But, as long as I follow the instructions, humidity has been fine.
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    I'm on my second round with a Brinsea Mini Eco and I really like it. Because it's so small, it takes a little more attention when it comes to maintaining humidity, but other than that I haven't had any problems with it. The design also allows for quick, easy access to an egg if something is going wrong without letting the temp and humidity drop too much. I also love the visibility. If I have the eggs right up against the wall of the lid, I can use my flashlight to actually candle through the plastic. It's helped me know when eggs have pipped internally before. It's also nice because it really limits the number of eggs you can incubate! And you won't have to worry about holes!
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    Love mine. I have two MiniAdvance EX units and three Octagon20 Advance EX units. I got the larger incubators because most auctions are for 10, 12 or more eggs... but with two of the Minis, I can fit a dozen eggs if my larger incubators are "busy" at the time.

    I started with a MiniAdvance, not the EX model, and loved it. Still love it, as a back-up incubator. It's especially nifty because it will count down the dates for you.... the EX units do not. (Which means you have to pay attention to the calendar....)

    They're wonderful. Here is a photo of some of them working.

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    Jun 21, 2011
    Now is this 10 Large eggs? Because I have Serama eggs that are about the size of Quail eggs.. maybe a little larger.
  6. The Brinsea mini advanced comes with a 7 egg turning ring; however, you can also order a 10 egg turning ring for your Serama eggs.

    I have two Brinsea min Advanced and like them very much (use them for my cochin bantam eggs).

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    Jun 15, 2011
    WA state
    I just ordered the Brinsea Mini Advance. I really debated between it and the Genegis 1588 (which many people recommended). I decided I liked the small size of the Brinsea and have heard good things about the Brinsea minis, too. I also ordered the optional small egg turner insert for 12 small eggs (I have Seramas, too). It's supposed to arrive next Tuesday, so I'll let you know how it goes. [​IMG]


  8. readjulie

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    Sep 9, 2011
    We love ours. Had 5/6 survive. It was very easy to use.
  9. cva34

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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Didn't buy the Mini Adv cause its big or cheap or holds lotsa eggs. I got cause I think its a great little HATCHER with all the bells and whistles.And its not Styrofoam which is a great insulator and easy to mold and produce(cleaning and durability not so good). That being said I have a Big Home Built that holds almost 400 Quail eggs and is a great machine.But there are times I get a few special eggs or a friend or Grandkids come by with something wanting me to hatch.The Mini Adv is just the ticket instead of cranking up Bigger machine....cva34
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    Jun 19, 2012
    are you saling tham

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