Brinsea Octogon - temp control differences btwn Eco and Advance??


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What are the differences in the temperature control system between the Brinsea Octogon Eco and Advance?
I'm trying to decide which model to purchase - but need clarification as the website descriptions aren't as clear as I'd like them to be
. I would be purchasing the turner for the Eco, unless I get the Advance which comes with it, so please, I'm only looking for a breakdown of what makes the Advance better than the Eco in terms of temp control. Thanks!

Octagon 20 Eco: Control system

The Octagon 20 Eco controls temperature with high accuracy using a proven proportional band electronic controller with easy tamper-proof adjustment. A flashing indicator shows that the incubation temperature is being controlled steadily and temperature is monitored with a purpose made liquid in glass thermometer.

Octagon 20 Advance: Control system

The specially designed control system is the heart of the Octagon 20 Advance. In normal mode it shows the incubation temperature and humidity to very high levels of accuracy. A simple menu allows the user to change the incubation settings.​
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Get the Advance model. I don't have the Octagon Eco, but I do have three Octagon 20 Advance EX models. (I sprang for the ones with the humidity pump because "fool-proof" wasn't good enough for me, I needed the STUPID proof models.)

I also have MiniAdvance and MiniAdvance EX 'bators; the digital controls and display were the selling points for me. I do NOT have a MiniEco for comparison to them, either, sorry.

Given that the Eco model is supplied with a glass thermometer... uhhhh..... bump yerself up to the Advance and use digital displays and controls. That's MY recommendation!
I wrote the company last night after posting here and received a quick response this morning:
The Mini Advance and Octagon 20 Advance both have digital display of temperature, and you set the temperature digitally, i.e. you press buttons and scroll up or down to set temperature to one decimal of a degree, as displayed on the digital display. Note that the temperature displayed after you exit the menu is the measured temperature, not the set temperature, so it may vary by a decimal from time to time.

The Octagon 20 Advance also displays humidity but the Mini Advance does not. The Mini Advance EX (with pump) displays and controls humidity.

The Eco versions have an analog control which is set by turning a small screw. You make incremental adjustments until the required temperature is reached, as read on a glass thermometer. The process is a little less convenient, but once set the control is equally good. Both types are preset at the factory and often do not require further adjustment. The alarm functions and humidity display only com with the Advance digital systems.

Frank Pearce
Brinsea Product Inc

Hope that helps everyone else!​
The screw one would have the same mechanism as the cheaper styrofoam incubators that use a screw and heating wafer. Although even the Eco model is supposed to be more reliable than your hova-bator or little giant.

The button is totally digital, and thus, supposed to be even more reliable.
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