Broad Breasted Bronze went broody?


6 Years
Jul 25, 2013
My Broad Breasted Bronze went broody...she is about 10 months old. My Tom died about 2 months ago and she decided to sit on her non fertile eggs and my Rouen ducks fertile eggs. She has been sitting now for almost a week. I have just left her alone for one I didn't really think she would continue to sit but she is! She continues to collect the duck eggs as they lay each morning. She has about 15 duck egss and about 6 of her own.

I have not removed them because I have not caught her off of them. I have never had a broody anything so I really don't know what to expect. Can a turkey really hatch duck eggs? Should I remove them or leave her to sit ans see what happens? I do have a incubator to through them in if she decides to abandon growing babies.
She should be able to hatch duck eggs just fine. I had a chicken who hatched turkey eggs even though the incubation period was a week longer. She might break the eggs because of how heavy she is, but again, she might not.
The reason why a Chicken will hatch out a turkey is because a pout looks a lot like a chick. Where with ducklings they look completely different I had a chook hatch out a gosling and she killed 3 out of 5 of them and since turkeys are much larger they will get much more hurt
Duck eggs are usually pretty thick shelled, wouldn't worry too much about them breaking.
But yes she should hatch them.

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