Broad-spectrum wormer?


11 Years
May 10, 2009
Hi all,
Cleaning out the run, I found a worm in some loose poop, and I can't really tell if it is a tapeworm or roundworm or something else. It was about 8" long, slightly bulbous on one end, a bit pink in color - not really round like spaghetti, but not totally flat and white like the pictures I've seen of tapeworms. It appeared to be the whole worm (tapered on each end), but TBH, I was getting grossed out and didn't want to examine it too minutely. I haven't really noticed my chickens looking or acting poorly, though I can tell some have been having loose poop and a couple seem slow to come out of molt - still big bare patches, two months after molting began.

I looked in the archives, but couldn't find the answer to this question - is there an over-the-counter worming product that can be used for both roundworms and flatworms, since I can't tell what I'm dealing with?

Also, gardeners - would you put poop and bedding from wormy chickens in your compost pile? Any reason not to? The hens don't really go back there...will the worms, eggs, etc. just die off in our cold northern NY winter?

Thanks for all advice!
Sounds like a round worm. Tape worms usually drop segments that look like rice.
The worms will likely die in the cold but the eggs will be dormant. The eggs are also destroyed by direct sunlight within 15 hours. When warmer weather comes and to pile heats back up in the summer, that should also kill the eggs as most piles get pretty warm when composting.

ETA: Fenbendazole will take care of the roundworms. You can PM @Sue Gremlin and ask if she will do a fecal float for you.
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