Broiler Mash to Layer Mash

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    So I have been purchasing my layer mash premixed from my feed mill. Which has been fine but it seems they have switched to using soymeal and bone meal and a few other things and the consistancy is very powdery. So I am thinking I would like to mix my feed in batches of 500. How would I modify my current broiler feed to work for hens.

    Broiler Feed Med Roll
    515 Corn
    300 Roasted Beans
    110 Oats
    4 Egg Innovations (Vitamins)
    10 Poulty Pellets
    5 Kelp

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    here's a bump for ya (sorry if it's not "allowed"..)

    i hope someone will be able to answer this question for you!!

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