broken claw


6 Years
Apr 11, 2013
Having lost Jennifer-hen earlier this week to something undiagnosed, I hope I'm not starting a disaster week
. One of my remaining four ladees, who doesn't have a name as she is so like 2 of the others I call them musketeer-ettes, had forayed into the kitchen thro the back door, and was just being ushered out when a gust of wind caught the door and it slammed shut, trapping one of her toes under it. She then ran around dropping blood all over the patio before I managed to catch her. I got her and wrapped her up in a towel, then sprayed the toe with Aloe Vera purple spray. The claw has been cut off half way down and taken a bit of toe with it - not a huge amount. When I came home later she was standing on one foot, resting the other up next to her body. I gave her a couple of mls of Nutri-drops. She's fine apart from the foot obviously hurting a bit, ran up with the others when I called them. Should I do anything else with the toe, or will it just heal naturally now??
well I would make sure the area stayed clean so no infection will set in. you can spray it with vetercyine or alike spray. if you do notice an infection you can put her on a mild water soluble antibiotic. hopefully you can just keep the area clean enough that it will heal just fine. maybe use some neosporium or like antibiotic cream. this should also help keep infection down while she heals.I wish you the best. good luck.
she should be fine, just keep it clean. Neosporin is fine, but watch about it having a pain reliever in it. any pain reliever ending in caine is harmful to chickens.

ive kept them clean, with nothing more than blue coat applied the day it happened and everything turned out fine. with excepting of a missing toenail.


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