Broken eggshells


6 Years
Mar 27, 2017
I have four 6 month old Rhode Island Red hens. One of the hens, always manages to break the shell on her eggs immediately after laying them. They are not pecked, the membrane is never broken, and there is no evidence that any of them have tried to eat an egg. Has anyone else seen this, what can I do. This is my second flock of Rhode Island Reds, and I've never seen or heard of this. shells look like they have been smashed on one side.
6 month old Rhode Island Red hens.
Six months generally is when most birds start laying.
Until they fully mature, there will be anomalies.. such as odd shapes, weak shells or shell less and even pigeon size eggs are possible.

My advise to you is,
find a good quality brand with a high protein and calcium content.. and stick with it. Don't switch brands, don't change their diet. Even if a coupon comes in the mail for buy one get one free of the cheap off brands..
Egg production is how calcium is drained out of hens in direct result of the process. It needs to be re introduced into the bird's body daily(active layers)


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