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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by coastaltx, Jun 23, 2010.

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    3 weeks ago I woke to what sounded like the scream of a chicken being murdered. Well, sure enough, Mr Raccoon was in the process of reaching thru the wire and was trying to pull a roosting roo out of the pen. Roo survived, as did coon. Pen secured with smaller mesh. Now, the victim roo has not spoke since. First week I knew he was in shock, and he just layed around. He is now back to his old was, chasing hens and other roos, but still not a crow out of him. Im not complaining, this was one LOUD rooster, but I am a bit concernd. Shell shock?? Crower broken for good?? Coon had him by the wing, so cant see how voice could be damaged.. Also, this roo will not roost inside. If I lock him in with the rest, there is blood the next morning. He perches on a branch 5' off the ground every night. I did lower the branch so coons cant reach him anymore. Is there hope for him??
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    Sure there's hope [​IMG]. I had a fox make off with one of my Barred Rock roosters but I scared him into dropping him. Afterward, I thought I was going to lose my rooster for sure. He couldn't even hold his head up to eat or drink and I had to feed him molasses and water for a week. I would have ended his suffering quickly but he still had that spark and sass that said he wasn't ready to go. So I kept up with the treatments and now he's back to his old self. He is officially retired from service and is just a pet now. He earned it.

    Best of luck with your guy. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.
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    Wow, talk about he nick of time. I'm glad he made it through. It's kind of sad how when there is trauma while they are sleeping, they will not want to go back and sleep there again. . Can you blame them? We had a coop raid one night and after that they would roost on anything they could find that was high. The basketball goal was their favorite place.

    He'll probably get his crower back... Good luck to you.
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    Many people would love to have a "silent" rooster. Sounds as if he is fine. Be sure the coon can not scare him off his roost at night and grab him through the wire. Electric fencing may be an option to consider.

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