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11 Years
Jun 7, 2009
I have 2 brooder boxes with 13 chicks in each one. The chicks are almost 4 weeks old. When I clean the box I put all the chicks in one box then put them in the clean one wile i clean the dirty on then count out 13 chicks for each box.The qustion is will that confuse them because every day there mixing with a different chick? I know it sounds confusing
Thanks Scotty
I don't know but I would be concerned that it could affect their establishing a pecking order. Is there a way to connect the two brooders to let them be together? Then push them to one end and put in a divider to clean half. Then put them in the other end when you clean the other half. Just my thought. Maybe someone that knows for sure will speak up.
I think a third brooder is in order... or somehow get the two boxes together so the whole flock (26) can be moved to 1/2 at a time. I made a brooder w/ this very set up and it works very well! At the least when put in the coop they will know each other already!
I would do the same..........Get a third box box so you can put 13 chickens in one while cleaning their brooder, and once done put them in their real brooder and do the same with the other 13.......make since?
I agree with the others on keeping all the chicks together, especially if you plan on having them live together when they're older. Will all 26 live in the same coop when they're grown? If so, keep them all together now to establish a pecking order. They'll be happier in the long run when they know where they rank.

However, the only other way this would work is if you are keeping two separate flocks of 13. If so, I would mark the 13 chicks from box A (for example) with a blue marker or a tag or something, that way the same 13 birds stay together when you clean out the brooders. Hope that makes sense!

Good luck!

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