Brooder lamp... Am I missing something in the setup?


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May 6, 2011
I'm trying to set up my brooder and I'm running into problems with my brooder lamp.

I know this must be a total newbie question BUT better to ask than be sorry later, right?

How do I connect the clamp part to the lamp? Is the top part of the clamp a screw or something?? It doesn't seem to budge.

If not am I just wedging it inside the clamp part that's connect to the ceramic part? It seems unstable.

I would appreciate it if someone can point out the obvious for me here...


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So I'm just inserting it next to the wingnut.. but it seems so .. unstable?? and when I try to tighten it.. it seems there's too much pressure onto the ceramic portion of the lamp?

Sigh. Thank you! I'll try to mess with the wingnut.
You don't have to screw it down excessively tight, just tight enough to hold position when you move it around. I wouldn't worry about it being too tight on the ceramic portion, it probably isn't.
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