Brooder location- Wife wont put up with smell?


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Feb 18, 2010
I have chicks due to hatch this week and need to get prepared. I wanted to keep them in the mudroom, but my wife says if it smells they have to go(or me I guess).I will hopefully have up to 7 banties hatch, am I waisting my time setting it up and getting the temp correct indoor, only to have to move it to the garage? I only want to keep them in for a few weeks. I am going to use a large rubbermaid tote. thanks


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How many chicks? You may use paper towelling first, then shavings (avoid cedar). If you use clean shavings it shouldn't be much of a problem provided you are particular about cleaning, and move the fouled shavings and paper towelling outside. The chicks spill water, so have some marbles in the waterer and keep it up off the floor of the brooder. And you could always have 2 totes, one clean and ready, switch the chicks over to it, then take the other for a thorough cleaning.


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My brooder was in my living room and either they didn't smell or we didn't notice the smell
I loved having them there and being able to watch their antics. I hope your wife comes around when she sees how cute they are....


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Clean well daily, use DE and let her hold them often and perhaps change her mind. But if you have to end up moving them if your brooder is set up properly they will be fine in the garage.



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I would not expect 7 bantams to be too hard to keep up with - smell-wise - for just 3 weeks.

That said, if you think she will really have a problem with it, i have found that having good accomodations outside of my living room makes for more peaceful living with my super-nosed husband.


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We have had our chicks on our dining room table for a little over 3 weeks. They do have a smell - not bad, just a chicken smell like you're in a clean barn. I think it may be their food and them themselves more so than their poop. I don't find it bad at all.

As far as putting DE (Diatomaceous Earth) in their litter while they are inside - people on here specifically recommended against it since the stuff is harmful for your lungs. Wait until they are outside to put DE in the litter.

I do wonder if you could put something like baking soda sprinkled on the litter. I haven't tried it, but it might work. They do eat whatever is on the ground, so I'm not sure if it's safe to eat...

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Hi, We took our babies out to my workshop. I am in and out of there all day and I'll admit I was a little worried about them being little stinkies!! We use two rubbermaid totes and started out with 27 standard size chicks. We lost two babies the first week, but they all seem to be doing well now. At a little over a week, there were some larger than the others so we seperated them putting 12 larger ones in one tote and the 13 smaller ones in the other.

We are using Pine bedding from TSC. I cover the bare floor of the totes with Sweet PDZ, add about two inches of fresh bedding, a bit more Sweet PDZ. Each day I take the top layer off and dispose of it outdoors and add fresh bedding. The water containers are up on two wooden 2x4 blocks. If they spill their water and the bedding gets damp it does smell, so I just clean out the wet bedding and add fresh and more Sweet PDZ under it.

I haven't noticed much if any odor. You know they are there (you can hear them, LOL) but I don't find it at all offensive. My workshop is heated and it stays about 70 degrees in there all day and night, so I'm sure I'd notice it.

I think the trick is to remove the soiled bedding once or twice a day and replace it, then completely clean your containers about once a week or when needed.

Hope this helps and hope your babies will be alright in the laundry room, I'm sure it will work out fine.


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