Brooding & Raising CX with Layers - will the CX crush the layers?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by DenverBird, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Looking at getting some layers and thinking about getting some broilers so that when the new layers (EE, Black Star, Sussex, Wyandotte) are ready to go into production, we can process the old layers along with the broilers. The plan would be to raise them all to about 5 months, keeping the broilers on a limited feed situation so they don't grow too fast. I'd expect to try to get all broiler pullets if the breed can be sexed at hatching.

    The alternative it to just either get some Jersey Giants or Deleware pullets and just raise them for meat. as they'd grow slower than CX and probably not endanger the other pullets.

    If I brood and raise the broiler and layers together, is it likely the broilers will crush the layer chicks or otherwise cause trouble for the pullets?

    Or should I just get some Giants or Deleware hens?


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    better plan get your replacement pullets, when they get about 3 months old order the cornish rock . brooder will be free and ready ,then the older hens can be butcher in 2 month with the cornish rock
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    As long as there is a enough space and heat, the CX and smaller traditional chicks will do fine together.

    Feed can be an issue depending on what you favor on medicated starter. Many people keep regular egg layer chicks on medicated feed 8-12 weeks. If you do feed the CX medicated to start you would likely want them off well before 8 weeks. Some areas cocci is not as big an issue and chicks do fine without medicated starter. CX raised in clean indoor enviroments won't need it either.

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