Several factors can impact what you are seeing. Young layers tend to produce more eggs before a clutch is filled and setting commences. Some breeds are much less broody than others. What breed is she?

My American Dominiques often do not go broody in the first year but in later years they go broody easily, especially later in the summer so season can effect things as well.
You may be dealing with a clutch size issue with the silkie. Give her a little more time. Silkies will sometimes go broody on a smaller number of eggs but younger well fed females may go longer. The bantam is outside my experience.
I have an austa white hen and I don't know if she is broody.she lays and sits on the egg for around two hours but leaves it and returns some times a few hours later.she will leave the egg if I enter.we had a rooster about a week ago who I think managed to ferterlise the eggs but not totally she broody I took the egg away when she left but she started again the next she broody and how do I know if egg Is fertile.
Ps I hope this was the right place to post this

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