Broody button question~~When to pull the plug?


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I don't remember exactly when my buttons started setting, but I know it's been about 2 weeks.

They were setting when everyone was here for my brother's funeral, since I remember teasing my niece telling her not to scare my bird of the nest. We buried my brother on the 4th, so that would have been the 3rd. They had been sitting just a few days then I believe, but that would make it at least 15 days, and more than that though not sure how much more.

So when should I take the eggs away? The hen is still setting, and when she's off the nest the male is on it.

So what do I do?? I don't think I can candle the eggs enough to see anything, other than if they are clear or not. But I'm afraid I'll scare them off the nest for good if I mess with it?

Is there any hope for these eggs?
Awh i want them to hatch!!!! wait another week i tell ya!!! DO IT! that's my oppinon
I just want you to pull out hope that long. sounds like theres a slight possibility you could be wrong even just an eensee weensie bit on the time frame of the eggs layed to sitting? if so *slaps hand* leave them be! LOL! I mean comon who's ever heard of an exploding button egg!
okay im sure it's happened to SOMEONE but they always just dry out on me LOL!
The ones that the redbreasted hen first started setting on have been at least 14 days, like I said in my first post. I don't remember exactly when she started setting, but it has been long enough for the first ones. Now I don't know if the other hen has been laying with her, I assume so, since it looks as if there are at least 12 eggs in the nest. It is inside one of the grass houses, so it's kind of hard to tell. But there are a lot of eggs in there!! I guess I could wait a little longer. I have one of the eggs in the incubator, it had gotten kicked out of the nest somehow. I don't know how they managed that, the 'threshold' of their house is like 1" tall!! But it hasn't done anything yet either.

Also, I remember being real excited about my button setting, so I think it was before my brother died, which would have been the end of May.
I'll wait though, I guess
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I am sorry Shelley I went to bed early with a headache
I think because you are unsure of the date I would give her one more week. Just to be sure

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