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Warning, this may be graphic!!! I'm going to post a photo of a chick that I thought had died inside the shell, as the broody hem got off on day 18/19 and when I found them they were stone cold, I waited a little while longer thinking she knew what she was doing but she was done, so I cracked one, and feel terrible because I saw its eye open. I then put the remaining 14 eggs in the incubator. I was wondering if any of you could tell me the approximate gestation of this chick as the broody frequently got off and let them cool down. It is now day 22 and some of the eggs are moving in the incubator but I don't hold out much hope. I just figure they will take longer than the 21 days because they were left to cool on quite a few occasions.. If they do make it, it will be a miracle.
Awww! Poor chick! And poor you! I looks right at 19 to 20 days right here to me? Hopefully the experts will chime in. I know it can take up to 24 days if they had gone cold a couple times in their incubation. I just read this information a day or so ago. Good luck!!!
I knows exactly how you feel.

I had a broody leave her nest early... and the eggs get really cold.. She was off the nest all day.

I looked on this site and read about a float test.

I floated the eggs in warm water... and the first sank to the bottom like a stone.. the information said that such an egg was dead as there was no air cell in it.

So I threw it over the back wall.. but it hit the top of the wall and fell into my garden. When I went to clear it up I saw a live chick in there still breathing and moving its leg. I felt sick and so upset.

More of the eggs sand.. and some floated. I dried them off and put them under another broody hen.. and they hatched out 4 days later.

So I think there is still a good chance your remaining eggs may hatch. It may help to raise the humidity to help soften the egg membrane in case the eggs dried out a bit when the mother hen left them in the open air.

Good luck.
Oh no....I've had a broody hen leave her nest too. By the time I found this out approx 12 hours had gone by. All the eggs hatched just a little delayed in the incubator.
If the eggs are moving just leave them for now. From rocking to hatch can take some time so try and be patient. Try and get humidity up around the 60 percent mark and go for it.
Thanks guys, you have made me feel better, I've always had very successful hatches so this one is leaving me quite concerned. More eggs are moving now so that is also a positive sign. But I just got home and the incubator is in the shed and the temperature was up to 39.8 because the outside temperature is so hot, so I lifted the lid to cool it down and lost all humidity, so let's say.. If these ones hatch, it really will be miraculous
Once they are near hatch day they are very tough... that is why the eggs can cool down so much.. as the chicks inside are actually making some heat in their bodies themselves.

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