Broody hen abandoned her best- chicks still viable?


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5 Years
May 2, 2014
Hey there! One of my smooth Easter eggers went broody. I read up on trying to care for her and her eggs and I thought after reading- I should move her at night time to a separable area in the coop and make her. A broody box which I did on Monday night. During the storm last night- she started moving eggs out of the nest and moved back up to a top box and left her nest. I just came home to find her not sitting. So I have some questions
1- should I even let her try to hatch eggs? I've read some breeds don't do well
2- do you think the eggs are dead since they haven't been sat on for 14 hours or so?
3- if she starts over sitting on new eggs- should I just leave her alone in a top box?
4- since I only have 1 roo- will there be a problem with inbreeding if I do get chicks in the future?
Thanks for your advice and help as always...

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