Broody hen on eggs day 9 anything else I need to know : NEWBIE :)


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
I tried to candle the eggs tonight but need a stronger flashlight, do I need to candle or can I just wait it out? The kids were taking Blackie out to go for a poop and forgot to close her area off and another hen jumped in there and cracked 2 of the 10 eggs, so we are down to 8, but they were developing inside, it was sad to have them crack! Do we need to clean the other eggs, 2 got yolk on them and I wiped them off quickly with a dry paper towel. Do I need to do anything to monitor the humidity over the next 10 days or will it all be fine? Any other steps or just wait it out? Thanks for any advice? I am also using straw for nesting material is that OK?
Sounds like you are doing a fine job. No need to candle. That stinks about your loss...hopefully that yolk won't clog the eggs pores too badly. I wouldn't wash them either though. Just let mother nature do what she does best
The hen will take care of the humidity and everything. Hope they all hatch!!!
She knows what to do, I would just let her take care of it all. Warning, do not mess with her eggs, she will kick your butt. I just got mine kicked. I thought I would put some eggs under her for Grace since she just went broody, and holy cow she bit me so hard. I had a flash of baked chicken............
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Blackie will let us pick her up but she was quite stressed when we took her out to candle the eggs. She was also stressed when we had to clean up the broken eggs! But so far she hasn't tried to bite us thank goodness cause the kids do 90% of the chicken care! So if you don't candle what happens if one explodes, does it cause issues with the other eggs?
Good, she's a sweet broody. Honestly, I didn't even know they would bite. I thought they would just peck you really good. She took skin and all off my finger. I think that they will discard any bad eggs. But, don't hold me to that.

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