Broody hen pecking & eating her hatching eggs..?!? HELP


13 Years
May 29, 2010
My Jap/D'uccle hen, who has been broody 3x in the past, did something crazy today. She was making 'momma is here' clucks, so I looked over to see if a chick had hatched. But what I found is momma pecking at the shell[where the chick pipped through] and them momma was tearing and eating the inner membrane! The veins were full and bleeding, chick was obviously not ready to pop out, no zip, either. Momma's beak was covered in blood, chick and shell w/blood all over.

I quickly tossed momma out the coop, gathered all of her eggs and brought them into the bator. No idea if the chick will survive or not. There are other pips, 10-15 eggs total that she was on.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is this normal?
She has always been a good broody and great mom, never had her peck and eat parts of hatching eggs, though.
I walked into the coop one day to find my broody killing the last of her hatch. She had never been broody before, and of course I won't give her eggs now. Oddly, she adopted four chicks at about 4 weeks of age that had been growing up alone in a pen right next to where she had been broody for a few weeks.

Strange things happen in chicken coops, I have decided.
Was she trying to eat the babies or was she forcing it to hatch?I believe is the second because she was just eating the membrane.

I am not expert though so
idk, there was blood, I don't think that should of been there.
11 chicks hatched so far!
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MY new broody mama is pecking and eating the membrane too so I decided to take the egg inside and incubate. Hoping it will hatch ok and I can return it to the mama. Watching her like a hawk now just in case she starts doing this to the rest of the batch. Wish me luck!
I walked out to check on my broody hen this morning (tomorrow is day 21) and I found 1 baby out of the shell squished and one already pipped but she keeps picking and pecking at it every time it makes a sound. I dont know what to do. It's in the high 90s here today

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