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    We have a 23 wk old silkie that has gone broody for 2wks now. I read that you can buy fertile eggs and put them under your broody hen. My question is is she too young to hatch out eggs and if we let her does she need to be by herself so that when the eggs hatch the babies are not around the other chickens or will they not bother them? Thanks
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    Tina - first I suggest you use the search function at the top of the page and type in "broody" you will get tons of great threads that will probably answer all your questions.

    She's not too young to be a broody if she's been sitting there that long - she's ready. The concern to me would be that she's already been sitting there for two weeks. Giving her fertile eggs now means she would have to sit another three weeks. That's a long time for a broody to sit, healthwise, although people on here have said theirs have done it before.

    If you want to give her fertile eggs then I'd suggest getting them under her quickly and moving her to a safe, private area to sit and then hatch them at the same time. Once the chicks hatch I like to give them a week or two in a separate area from all other chickens to grow up some before reintroducing momma and babies to the flock. Some people just keep them all together and let things work themselves out. I just know people who've had chicks killed by other chickens doing it that way so I don't. It's your decision how you want to handle that part.

    If you chose to try and break her of being broody this time there are some good ideas on how to do that also.
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    Thank You. [​IMG]

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