Broody hen raising chicks worked great


9 Years
Apr 6, 2012
Taylorsville Utah
I had a hen that went broody and was sitting on golf balls. It took me a week to get some fertile eggs to put under her. I never saw her get up and eat and drink. I have 2 other broodies and they did get off daily and eat drink. Mu poor silky did not. I was shocked when I picked her up she was skin and bones very dehydrated. I went to my local feed store and picked out 4 chicks. A silky, a polish, and 2 others. She was sitting in a movable nest. I pulled nest and all and put her in a dog crate in my living room. I also put in chick feeders and waterers, I put them under her at night, I pulled her eggs and put them under another broody. Next morning she was all clucky and happy. She was even reaching out of the nest and drinking eating. Chicks were so cute peeking out, I even pushed my luck and went to a local breeder got 3 more chicks of breeds I really wanted. put them under her during the day. She took those as well. I realize that most hens would not do this but this silky rock and is so happy now with her little family. I put them outside yesterday in a chick pen, Dog crate and all. She still has not come off nest but is still eating and drinking. I wonder if she was just weak from her lack of food and water and is still getting strength. I don't think I would put the other broodies through this as they aren't so dedicated. but this was so fun with the silky I will probably do it again


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Apr 6, 2012
Antelope, CA America
My silkie is also sitting on golf balls!!!! She is in a pet carrier right now. The door locks, and so she cant get back in when I kick her out.I let her out 'bout 3 times a day, so she's okay.I'll be putting chicks under her on Thursday, so i'm really Excited!!!!


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Jun 23, 2011
Calumet, UP of MI
Sounds like a blast!! I would love to have one or two of my hens have chicks of their own. Two go broody a couple of weeks ago, and the one girl stole the others' chicks! It was mean, hah. But unfortunetly one of the chicks died, and so I took the other live one right away in fear that they got some kind of sickness or something, and after that they both got off of the eggs that hadn't hatched.
When my girls go broody, i put a dish of water up in the nesting boxes and a handfull of food so they don't lose weight or get sick. They will go through so much to stay and warm their eggs

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