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    Aug 20, 2008

    One of my chickens, Ooccoo, has been in a broody mood since the end of November 2008. She is a black Bantam and she has done this in the past. I don't know why she is doing it during summer (it's summer in Australia), But she won't stop it. Is there a way to help the chicken to stop this or should I just let her stop on her own? I get concerned because she goes days with out eating at all.

    thank you
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    Nov 11, 2008
    lowering her body temperature will do the trick. Grandma used to take them to the creek and give them a splashing.. I t ake the hose and lay them down and run the cold water over their belly for a minute or so. sometimes this has to be done several times, but it works.
    of course you have to seperate them from the nest after you do this, but it truly works. Grandma knew lots of things.. by experience.
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    Aug 20, 2008
    Thanks, I'll give that a try [​IMG]
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    If you aren't going to put her to use by hatching then I prefer to break broody hens.

    I'd recommend isolation in a wire bottomed cage with no snuggly nesting material. If you do this, give her plenty of food and water and isolate her for 2-3 days.

    It took 3 days for my Cochin and 20 days after her breaking from broody she's back to laying me an egg every other day. [​IMG]

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