Broody hen??


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
Ok, I am new to chickens (less than a yr.). I have what I "THINK" is a broody-wanna-be. She is in the nest box almost everyday. I make her get out and go outside to eat...and each day she has become more irritated w/ me. She walks around puffed out and pecks at her sisters. Today, she came back into the run, where I was cleaning out the waterers and puffed up at me and pecked me three times --as if to say--- You can't make me stop and walked into the coop and got back into her nest box!! It was funny and she didn't hurt me but she was definitely mad w/ me.. She is probably my 'weakest' hen.. she was injuried by my roo several months ago and has recovered slowly... Laying regularly and eats well but hasn't gotten back to 100% IMHO.. I do not have a roo, so I will need to find eggs for her... She is a true Ameraucana but she is not as big as my RIR, BR, BO!

My questions: 1. Should I discourage her from setting?
2. IF you think it's ok to let her set, how many eggs .
3. What do I need to be feeding her to make sure she maintains her health.
4. I want to keep her in the big coop but have her in her own pen--Is this ok or should I remove her?
5. What else do I need to do??

Thank you...

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