Broody hens


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
I have read in this Forum that the best way to cure this habit is as follows:

'Take them out of the nest and put into a cage. No bedding or nest material. Give them feed, water, oyster shell and grit.'

It really works and I am grateful for the advice however, can anyone provide a rational and humane reason why it works as I am having problems here in France explaining it to others. Many say it is cruel and that they are denied freedom and I have no answer.
I`ll bet these people don`t eat meat and have never been exposed to farm life of anykind.

A hens broody drive is influenced by warm fuzzies. A cozy nest, some eggs, some privacy, all contribute. Take this away and the broody behavior and desire also takes a hike. Truth is, domestic animals of all kinds have lived in confinement for centuries with no ill affects. Just in the end of the last cenury have "people" objected. It`s a product of population. By that I mean, hordes of people gather in large cities and have no contact with animals. Prior to that, we all ate animals and treated them well because nobody wants to eat a poorly specimen. Sorry for the soap box presentation. Ignorance is the driving force behind the animal rights movement. I get really hot when this stuff raises it`s ugly head. Just tell your friends it`s good flock management to control such things. Don`t mention the fact that wild animal deseases are controled by hunting. That`s another sore spot. Good luck with your explainations.......Pop

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