Broody? ~I dont think i'll ever get chicks. :(


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Soo.. today i went to close up and saw one of my small silkies in the nest box. I thought maybe she was just planning to sleep there so i got and set her down.. but she just hopped back in her box! So i guess she's broody. I stuck a couple of eggs under her and marked them. I figured they probablly wont hatch because all i have is a small silkie rooster. Would around march 23rd be too cold to have a few chicks? Im thinking that i could probablly get some to stick under her if they dont hatch. And do you think that she would give up on them? She has been on them for around 2 days. Thanks.
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Go ahead and let her try! What could it hurt? If she doesn't stay on them, then you know she's not determined enough yet to see it through to the very end. I don't think I'd buy any chicks to stick under her unless she went the full 21 days or so. Then I would think it would maybe be OK to sneak some under her in the night. Candle at about 7-10 days and you'll know if any of her eggs are viable. How many other hens are in the coop with her? Is she sitting on any eggs, or just going through the motions at this point? If she is sitting on actual eggs, are they all hers to the best of your knowledge? Or have other hens been chipping in on the effort?

You mention having a "small silkie rooster". How old is he? Is he old enough to mate successfully? If he's still very young, he may not be shooting live rounds as yet.
I think the only way you're going to know for sure is to check in another 7 or 8 days by candling any and all eggs that she's sitting on at that time. Good luck and let us know how she does!
I can't say about Silkies, but I had a Dominique hatch two here in Syracuse, just this past month. Even w/ temps in the below teens in an unheated coop thy came through. I moved them indoors cuz they needed to be away from the other birds. Broody's should be in a private situation so they and chicks are undisturbed by the others.
All of the chickens are about 10 and a half months old. There is 8 others in with her. Im thinking if she sticks with i might move her into my old silkie coop. Im not sure if it has been the same one on the nest i have 3 pretty much identical girls.
Lookin' good

I love that my cochin went broody and hatched out 3 fuzzies... they life with the rest of the flock, no seperation and doing great. There're now 3 weeks old and go outside and everything!
Well i went out to feed them today and she was on the wrong nest.. her eggs were cold. I guess any chance they did have of hatching is now gone. I just slid them back under her and tried to make the best of it. If she goes the fill 21 days im probablly going to get her some chicks. But hopefully another one of my girls will go broody.

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I've always been wondering what kind of eggs that house down the road with a fresh eggs sign had. So because of the nest incedent i had yesterday my parents stopped by there and the woman gave me a couple fertile eggs.
I got one green one a light pinkish one and 2 brown eggs i took all the old ones out from under her except one of the silkie eggs and put them all unde her.
*Sigh* I dont think i'll ever get chicks! GAHH! I want some soooooooooooo bad but she keeps changing boxes.
I went out to put them away and she had changed boxes again and the eggs were cold. And now my parents wont let me get anymore eggs. I guess i will just have to hope another one goes broody.
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