5 Years
Apr 24, 2014
New to this, and could do with a second opinion.

I have two chicks (dont ask what happened to the third!) My Speckledy chick has had a bald stomach for a few months, i put this down to her being broody. In the past week she has started to look a bit scruffy and I have noticed she has now lost feathers just under her wings. My other ginger chick has been pecking at the loose feathers which are sticking out. I just wondered what other peoples' opinions on this were. Is this a molt? Is she broody? Most threads I've read about molts mention feather loss around the neck, but she's fine up top.

How can I help her and stop Ginger picking at her? Gingers isn't an aggressive bird and she only seems to peck at the odd loose feather so I don't think its entirely down to pecking, and I cant find any mites.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Perhaps you can try using a red heat lamp if you aren't already. (Red is more calming to chicks and helps discouraging picking) Make sure they have lots of room and boredom busters. Also, if Ginger is only pecking at a specific feather; try removing it.
Thanks. The chicks get to wander in the garden and have plenty of my plants to dig up for fun. Ginger only seems to peck very occasionally. Do you think a protein deficiency could be causing the feather eating? I will look into the heat lamp though thanks
Your welcome
Yes, lack of protein can very well be the cause. Chickens will pull out and eat each other's feather's when not receiving enough protien. They do this because feathers are filled with protein. (In fact they take up 85% protein!) Make sure to start giving them protein filled foods because if they continue to eat feathers it can result in crop binding. (Some good foods to feed them include Qunioa, peas, eggs, mealworms, tunafish and un-salted cottage cheese.)
My gut feeling is this is the main cause. We had problems before and changed the feed and it was better for a while. I've given them a bit of fish this afternoon and will keep giving them a of extra bit of protein and see how it goes. Have you ever tried bumper bits? I dont like the idea of them but this might be a last resort.

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