Broody or new layer?


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Mar 27, 2016
I have one girl who was wandering with her sisters earlier and now sitting in a nest box. How long does it take to lay an egg? These are 17 or 18 week old sexlinks. She's been in it about 20 mins now, preening the shavings and placing them around her. She's laying on the tester egg and moving it with her beak from time to time as well.

Hoping she's going to push an egg out then go wander away. She's left us two so far ... Little ones, but two perfect little eggs none the less. Tell me she's just getting things down and not broody already?!?!?
Okay I just went to go peek at her.

She's out of the coop wandering around with her sisters now. So what was she doing?! I was hoping for another egg! Lol
Getting Ready?
Not broody, at least not at that age. It's normal for pullets just starting to lay, or that are nearing laying age to spend lots of time sitting in nests. They are 'practicing'.

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