broody or not????


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May 21, 2011
ok here goes....
im hatching turkeys eggs, royal pams, for a guy off of craigslist. he said she has laid, her first year of it to, ever since she started the nest, so every other day she adds an eggs all the while still sitting on the nest, she has never stopped laying so he didnt want the eggs to go bad thus me incubating them.... i sat 18 eggs, candled week later and 6 were bad... 6 hatched last tuesday, 2 thursday, 1 sat,sun,mon,tues (1 each day).... however, last thursday i sat 9 more of her eggs....he left 4 from the originals in the nest and marked them with an X well in the 9 from last thursday that i sat 2 were X and low n behold 1 of those hatched sat!!!! he tells me she is not sitting on them but at night, however there is NO way they would be good if she wasnt setting on them for the proper amount of time each day or else the X egg wouldnt of hatched 2 days after i got it!!!! also the X eggs plus the other 8 i got thursday have SET OUT with NO INCUBATION what so ever for over 48 hours before i got them thursday as he gathered them up tues morn and put in a box with nothing inside and set inside his shed..... how in the world did it hatched when it went for 2 whole days without heat???? amazes me!!! so big ? is should i just let her set the eggs and they will have staggered hatch dates???? will she abandon the nest when the 1st one hatches???

o and the 2 X eggs he left in the nest, he called me back last night and told me one of them tried to hatch and got too cold and died....

this is my first time dealing in turkeys so i dont really kno what to do!!

up side if i continue to hatch for him i get half of all that i hatch!!!

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