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    So i had a broody who hatched out 3 chicks and adopt 1 chick my mother was paranoid the it was too cold outside ( in the 40s) for her to have the babies out in the nest box SO we brought her in she has a broody box ect...for 2 weeks shes been great now that the chicks got the hang of things she is NOT intersted in raising them she doesn't cuddle up with them anymore she gets out of the box any chase she gets so what should I do. Should I take her outside and see how she does with the chicks out there or just give up hope put the chicks in the brooder and let her go back to the coop.
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    Your post isn't clear about what she is doing/not doing, other than not cuddling with them.

    If she has decided to stop being a mother to them, there is nothing you can do about it, so she should probably go back with her flock. It is possible she would take care of them if they were all with the flock; you could give this a try, with supervision.

    They would have been fine outdoors; she would have kept them warm. Hens raise chicks outdoors in much colder temps than yours, and chicks get out and about in much colder temps than brooders or even houses provide.

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