Broody sumatra... babies update4/18


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Went out at 5 and she was in the nest box when I came back at 8 and went out she was still in it. I know it needs to be longer but it is unuasual for us only 1 egg and a wooden one under her will see what she does. She made noise at me but I put my hand under and she didn't attack me at least. We will see what comes the nest several days
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Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

I've heard Sumatra's are really good broody's!! She is most likey broody. Are you going to give her any eggs to sit on??? Best of luck with your broody!!!

how long would it take to know if she is broody I will let her and put some more eggs under her but I doubt she goes through with it.​
she is still on it and I lifted her up and she has 3 eggs under her +wooden egg. debating putting todays eggs under and see what happens guess I need to read up on this when I lost my cochin I didn't think I would have any go broody one good thing is if and when they hatch is around the time my chick order is coming
how long would it take to know if she is broody I will let her and put some more eggs under her but I doubt she goes through with it.

I would put some fake eggs or golf balls under her and then if she is still broody in say ... 1 or 2 days then she will probably set on what ever eggs you give her! This morning one of my Buff Orpington hens went broody, so I think I gonna let her have some fake eggs to make sure she's broody before I give her real eggs. Good luck for both of us!
She is still at it put 1 egg from yesterday under and 1 today the other had poo on it and the other hen had not laid. Stupid other hen had crawled in with her when I went out late morning. This nest box had a fold up bar in front should I raise it up so they leave her alone. I put a small bowl of food in for but she hadn't touched it and then with company it got tipped.
I would take her away from the rest of the flock. When the chicks hatch the other chickens may kill the baby chicks. And what ever eggs you give her you might want to mark them so if she or another chicken lays an egg, then you can just get the eggs that don't have any mark on them out.
Well sometime this afternoon she got off the nest and got back in the wrong one. Eggs were cold but I moved her back up to the nest she started hope it will still be okay

Thinking about moving her to end of coop I had penned off for the youngsters and put her there so she will be left alone and not get on wrong nest again
Moving her by herself I think would be a good idea. That way she can't get into the wrong nest!! Oh, no!!! Sure hope your eggs didn't die!! How long was she off them?

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