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  1. Is it common for Americana's to be broody? I have one that is setting on eggs (not her own) in the nesting box. This has been going on for about 4 days. I move her off the eggs and move them to a different nesting box and when I come back later she has moved too. I remove the eggs completely and then she goes outside with the other chickens. Am I doing the right thing?
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    It's hard to say if she is broody. When she went outside did she go back to sit in nest for rest of the day? Of course you could have broken her of brooding by doing those things. But before that was she in the nest all day and all night? They only go out to eat and poop once or twice a day if brooding. To break a broody you can take them off the nest and put outside, if done in first day or two can be all it takes to break them. After brooding for more days it becomes harder to break them and cages work well. Cage and put in run for sunlight. Put water and feed in with it but no bedding. If you've an actual cage then lift off ground enough for air to get under her. Leave in cage for 3 to 4 days then let out. By negating the bedding your making it so she can't keep her bottom warm (especially if a wire bottom getting air that combined with sunlight will break them.
  3. Thanks. Yes she stay in the nesting box and only went outside to eat and then right back in. She is still setting on two eggs. I ordered some fertile eggs for her but I dont have then yet.

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