May 22, 2015
My broody hen is sitting on 9 bantam eggs they were due to hatch 3 days ago & this Morning I checked and only 3 eggs are left would it be rat but no brocken eggs can rats take whole eggs from under a bird
cheers Phil
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Rat or snake can do it. Also, if eggs are busting hens can vary greatly with respect to how thoroughly they clean up by eating egg shells. Does the hen and nest site have an offensive smell?
It is likely hen herself consumed missing eggs. If she is now four days overdo, then initiate procedure to break her of broody cycle or give her newly hatched chicks.
For what ever reason the eggs were either not fertile or viable. It is quite common for hens to consume non-viable or infertile eggs. Tell us, is she in a place where no other hen can interact with her?

Jealousy is another big reason to keep a sitting hen separated from the rest of the flock.
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