brown Leghorn I wish!!!!!!!


Jul 26, 2008
Bagdad KY
I wish I knew they are so nervouse and wild birds before I got them 12 weeks ago, Man Oh Man, are all brwnleghorn wild, or just the 4 I got, They are really beautiful, but wen they see anyone, I mean anyone or aything, they start running, like something going to kill them

I think I am going to sell them.

Do you guys like the brownleghorns??
All Leghorns are just naturally a little flighty. At 12 weeks, they are probably at their worst., and will most likely get a bit steadier as they mature. That said however they will most likely always be kinda like all Leghorns. I keep a few just for egg production, and they can't be beat for that, but they are a nervous lot.

Really! bantams must be different. I have a bantam rooster named romeo that is the biggest pet!!! He was naturally tame, I never messed with him much as a chic and he's the tamest chicken I've ever saw. I ordered some more eggs back in the spring and now have 2 hens and 2 more roo's that are the same way.

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