Bruise on beak?


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Oct 3, 2020
One of our chickens has something on her beak that looks like it could be a bruise. It's been there for a few days, but she has been pecking around just as enthusiastically as she was before it appeared. I'm writing about the pink thing higher on her beak, pretty sure the brown thing is just mud. What should I do?
IMG_1928 2.PNG
Both actually look like injuries to me. Minor and probably not a problem, they will eventually grow out. Those can happen on feeder or waterers if they have any sharp edges, or from trying to get something on the other side of wire. Or even on occassion from running into something in a panic. The tip looks cracked, so depending on how stable it is, it could come off. But it's small so in time it will grow back out. If you have, or can put, large rocks or concrete blocks or pavers in your run, that gives them a place to naturally hone their beaks, which can help.

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