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This thread will consolidate all the threads and posts with questions about BST and how it works.

We will do our best to answer all your questions. As they are answered, we will delete the posts to keep the thread clean and easy to navigate.

If after reading through all these posts and the Q & A in the next post, you have a new questions or concerns, please post it.
Please do not continue the issues, concerns and answers already posted.

Regarding the New Classifieds Section

Why Can't I post My Auction

Where Exactly is Want to buy section please
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This is the Q & A

you'll see some check boxes that allow you to filter what type of ads that you're if you want to view only the "WTB" then un-check everything else but "WANTED"...or however you would like to filter the ads.

A: Not at this time.

A: Please refer to the first Q&A and read the BST FAQs

A: Please check out this discussion.

All items listed for sale must be for sale here on BYC. We do not allow linking to other sites or auctions.
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A Few Important Reminders / Notes:

  1. We want full auction / proxy bidding support as much as you do. There are numerous posts about the 5 month decision regarding why and if we had to make the tradeoff to let it go, but suffice it to say we want to have it just as bad as you do.
  2. I updated the second post with an answer regarding when full auction / proxy bidding will be added.
  3. People ask about the "open listing limits". The new system is very different in how "open listings" are treated. We purposely started with very conservative limits on listings to see how our system is used and to make sure the counts are appropriate. We received a lot of feedback that the last system was sometimes "gamed" and we want to ensure that doesn't happen here. We'll be bumping up some of the limits as we make sure the system isn't abused, so please be patient with us as we tweak these settings to comfortably fit with the needs of our community.
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I closed my pop up blocker and am still getting error on page when I try to make a listing. Am I really the only person too ignorant to figure out this system. I read and read, but don't have a clue what I am doing wrong.

If this system is unuseable for me I woulld like BYC to return the remainder of my GFM to the person who brought it for me.
I note you access BYC on more than one machine. If it is happening on them all and they are at the same location I would make sure your router software is up to date. This caused huge headaches for me in the past until I updated that. It's the one part in the link most people forget about or don't know you can update the software on.
How many sale post can a GFM have?
Only 4???

I only have three open and when I try to post one more it says I can't because I have 4 open.
Click the 4 Open button shows I only have 3 open.
That makes alot of since LOL
Nifty, have you considered buying a different domain, such as BYCAuctions or somesuch and opening an auction format using one of the many free auction packages out there? Users could register separately from the BYC user base, etc., and just let other folks know in their sigs that they have an ad up. You could charge $.15 for an insertion fee and make up the maintenance fees. It would offer another line of revenue, plus a separate area for ads, and I think it would be fairly independent once you got it up and running...we all saw how eggbid worked on autopilot for years. I also think there are many lurkers/non-byc folks who would use it who are sort of scattered to the other several auction sites...but you have a well established user base to immediately direct to it who would immediately support it. If, and when, you get auctions going here, you migrate everyone or allow a transition timetable. Look at the number of classifieds running since your migration- how many more would there be if it was a straightforward auction system with proxy bidding capabilities and whatnot. You wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.

It would be a VERY QUICK solution to the frustration of having to use a classified ad system and to keep your BST user base from moving to a different site. There are sooooo many who simply don't want to be patient and want what they want. It would be a way to appease and preserve.

Thanks for the great post! This (and a few other ideas) are things that we have and are discussing, but we there are definitely cons to each option. We do appreciate the ideas and comments and we'll keep working to try to find the best options and solutions for the community within the constraints we have.
Hope this is the right area for some bst feedback. Sent this to nifty already but wanted to elaberate a little bit.

So since the bst doesn't really have an expiration what happens if a user were to post a link and then not return to byc for quite a bit. (exteneded period of time months)

That would leave a selling/buying/wanted add on the site gunking up what users are looking for. It woudln't be as bad for wanted ads where users may have to wait quite a while for someone to say they have what they want. and then return to byc and contact them. But what about if someone is to put a sell ad on the site and totally forget about it. It will take up space and also some users might ask to purchase the item and never get a response.

Heres a possible idea.

After x amount of days,weeks, months the post will be closed and removed from the list. but appon re-entering the site they are able to reopen the request like any other member would be able to.

I think the Golden, PLatnum should have a little upgrade as well though where golden members get more time and platnum never expire depending on how long they have been away.. But the can be closed if there upgrade runs out.

As i said before this would only be in affect if the user hasn't been on byc in quite a while (months) but won't affect anyone that visit on a regular basis.
Not sure who to talk to or get help from. I have been trying to post a new listing in the auction thread for hatching eggs. I click on create to ad and it just takes me back to the thread without giving me a dialogue box to type my listing in.

Not sure what to do. I have posted in the buy sell trade thread before and currently do have a listing on the day old chicks thread but cant post in the hatching egg thread.

Can you please help me?
Thank you,

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