Bubbly/frothy poop


May 25, 2019
I discovered bubbly-looking poop on the water bucket lid this morning and am concerned it's a sign that someone is sick. I don't know who, yet, but there are a few birds in particular who like to sit on the lid. Does anyone recognize what may cause this and how to treat it?

Thanks in advance for any insight and advice.

I have not seen it in person.

Is every poop like this or just one?

How old are your birds and have you introduced any new ones recently?
No, fortunately we haven't lost anymore since then. I think that poor boy had a terrible case of worms. The others who showed early symptoms recuperated, thankfully. I'm de-worming again now. They live in an aviary on the ground. I have seen a few sneezes, don't know if it's related to this frothy poop.

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